Dear California Taxpayer,

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website to learn more about California’s SRA Fire Fee. Approved in 2011 by the Governor and Legislature, last year a fourth round of bills hit the mailboxes of more than 700,000 Californians.

I’ve opposed this new tax from the beginning, because I believe it is unconstitutional. The Governor and Legislature simply called it a “fee” to avoid the 2/3rds vote requirement designed to protect taxpayers. That’s why the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, with my full support, has filed a class action lawsuit in Superior Court aimed at halting this illegal money-grab.

This new tax, hitting property owners who are already financially challenged, has not resulted in increased fire protection. Instead, the money collected is taking the place of funding that was diverted to other government programs.

The SRA Fire Fee is an important issue; I will continue working hard to keep you informed about what is happening with this tax.

In addition to I encourage you to visit the links above to learn about the fee, how it will be implemented, and how it is being challenged.


GEORGE RUNNER, State Senator (Ret.)
Vice Chair, California State Board of Equalization
Board of Equalization Website