2014 Fire Fee Billing Schedule

Below is the mailing schedule for the 2013-14 Fiscal Year Fire Fee Billing Cycle.

ALAMEDA March 3rd
ALPINE March 3rd
AMADOR March 3rd through 4th
BUTTE March 4th through 6th
CALAVERAS March 6th through 10th
COLUSA March 10th
CONTRA COSTA March 10th through 11th
DEL NORTE March 11th
EL DORADO March 11th through 18th
FRESNO March 18th through 19th
GLENN March 19th
HUMBOLDT March 19th through 21st
IMPERIAL March 21st
INYO March 21st
KERN March 21st through 25th
KINGS March 25th
LAKE March 25th through 27th
LASSEN March 27th
LOS ANGELES March 27th through April 1st
MADERA April 1st through 3rd
MARIN April 3rd through 4th
MARIPOSA April 4th through 7th
MENDOCINO April 7th through 8th
MERCED April 8th
MODOC April 8th through 9th
MONO April 9th
MONTEREY April 9th through 11th
NAPA April 11th
NEVADA April 11th through 16th
ORANGE April 16th through 17th
PLACER April 17th through 23rd
PLUMAS April 23rd through 24th
RIVERSIDE April 24th through 29th
SAN BENITO April 29th
SAN BERNARDINO April 29th through May 8th
SAN DIEGO May 8th through 16th
SAN LUIS OBISPO May 16th through 20th
SAN MATEO May 20th through 21st
SANTA BARBARA May 21st through 22nd
SANTA CLARA May 22nd through 23rd
SANTA CRUZ May 23rd through 28th
SHASTA May 28th through 30th
SIERRA May 30th
SISKIYOU May 30th through June 2nd
SOLANO June 2nd through June 3rd
SONOMA June 3rd through 5th
TEHAMA June 5th through 6th
TRINITY June 6th through 9th
TULARE June 9th
TUOLUMNE June 9th through 12th
VENTURA June 12th through 13th
YOLO June 13th
YUBA June 13th

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